Partners : 


Discover the list of our partners with whom you can find some of our champagnes and ratafias of Champagne.


Annie’s Kitchen : Vegetarian restaurant in Lille (59)

Aujourd’hui Demain :  Vegan concept store (restaurant, vegan grocery, ethical fashion…) in Paris (75)

Au Village des Ternes : Restaurant and Champagne bar in Paris (75)

Coco & Nuts : Vegan and ethical concept store (grocery store, cosmetics, coffeeshop, fashion products) in Marseille (13)

La Cave des Sacres : A wine cellar specialized in Champagne, Ratafia, Marc de Champagne… à Reims (51)

La Cave du Parvis Saint-Maurice : An independent wine cellar in Lille (59)

La Maison Vegane : Vegan grocery store in Puteaux (92)

La Petite Graine : Vegetarian restaurant with local and seasonal products in Limoges (87)

La Végé Table : Vegan and vegetarian, organic and local cuisine restaurant in Reims (51)

Le Faitout : Vegan Restaurant in Paris (75)

Le Restaurant Dans le Noir ? : Sensory restaurant in Paris (75)

Ma Bouteille s’appelle Reviens : An organic and natural wine cellar and a wine bar in Reims (51)

Molybagert : Vegan concept store (restaurant, grocery store) in Trouville-sur-mer (14)

Mon Épicerie Paris : Vegan grocery store in Paris (75)

Mostarlić B&B : Bed and breakfast offering Vegan and gluten-free dishes in Bouconville (08)

Picamandil : A wine cellar, wine bar and restaurant in Puissalicon (34)

Un Jour Vert : Vegan grocery store in Bordeaux (33)

Vegan Gorilla : Vegan and vegetarian, organic, gluten-free restaurant in Nice (06)